¿Cómo debes hacer el Writing de APTIS general?

La parte del WRITING en el examen de APTIS GENERAL tiene 4 partes y dispones de 50 minutes para realizar el total de las partes.

Las partes de que consta son:
1. Word-level writing: En esta parte tu eres miembro de un club y debes responder a 5 preguntas.

2. Short text writing: En esta parte también tendrás que responder a una pregunta pero debes responder con mas detalles utilizando frases y expresiones.

3. Three written parts of the text, all of which require responses: en esta parte estas charlando con otras personas a las cuales tendrás que responder.

4. Formal and informal writing: en esta ultima parte tienes que escribir 2 emails. El primero debe ser de manera INFORMAL  a un amigo, mientras que el segundo debes escribir de manera FORMAL ya que te estas refiriendo a una persona desconocida.



PART 1.📝You are in a travel club. You have 5 messages from a member of the club.Write short answers (1-5 words) to each message.
1.What do you do?
2.What did you do yesterday?
3.What’s your favourite colour?
4.What’s the weather like today?
5.How do you get to work?

What do you do?  I’m a teacher

What did you do yesterday?  I visited the zoo

What’s your favourite colour? Blue

What’s the weather like today? It’s snowing

How do you get to work? By tram

PART 2.📝You are a new member of the travel club. Fill in the form.
Write sentences.Use 20-30 words.
Aptis Travel Club
Please write some reasons why you are interested in travel.

When I was a child I used to love travelling up and down the countryside with my family. Back then, we used to
drive because we would take so much stuff with us for camping and other activities.

PART 3.📝You are a member of a travel club. You are talking to some members in the travel club chat room.
Talk to them using sentences.
Use 30-40 words per answer.

1.Sam: Hi! Welcome to the club. Can you remember the first time you went on a journey yourself?

2. Miguel: Welcome! What are the most interesting places to visit in your country?

3. Michelle: What is the most exciting journey you’ve been on?

Sam: Hi! Welcome to the club. Can you remember the first time you went on a journey yourself?
What was it like?
Hi. Yes I can. I was about seven and I travelled across the country to stay with my aunt and cousins in the
countryside. I was terrified at first but then started to enjoy the freedom.

Miguel: Welcome! What are the most interesting places to visit in your country?
I think the cities have a lot to offer a tourist. If you don’t speak French, then visiting the
countryside can be difficult.

Michelle: What is the most exciting journey you’ve been on?
I think, definitely, the time I visited Everest. I didn’t go all the way to the top but still the nature and to
be so high up was incredible.

PART 4.📝You are the member of a travel club. You received this e-mail from the club.

Dear member,
We are writing that the famous travel writer Mr David Price will unfortunately not be able to attend our next club meeting. Although Mr Price will not be there to sign copies of his new book Around the World in Eighty Ways, members of the club will be able to buy a copy at the price of twenty-five pounds. If you would like to reserve a copy of the book, please contact the club secretary.

Write an e-mail to your friend. Write about your feelings and what you are planning to do.
Write about 50 words.

Hi Peter,
I am so angry that this guy has cancelled at the last moment. I was really looking forward to hearing what he had to say.
Forget it, I don’t think I’ll bother with the book after all, I feel let down and it made me laugh they still want 25 pounds
for the book.

PART 4.📝Write an e-mail to the secretary of the club. Write about your feelings and what you would like to do.
Write 120-150 words.

Dear Club Secretary,
I received your e-mail dated 16.03 and would like to let you know that I do hope Mr Price is well, and that the reason for his absence isn’t too serious. Although, I am an avid fan of his travel writing in general, I think I will wait until I can purchase a signed copy of his book. To be honest I am a little disappointed as I already have signed copies of his first two and was really looking forward to getting this one.
Please let me know if the club is planning on inviting him back soon. If not, I will look online to see if I can get a copy.

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